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Orange County Family Holiday Portraits

Family Portrait Photography

Why should you still get your family portraits taken even if you missed our holiday mini session or you don't have time to send out holiday cards?

Simply put, kids grow up so fast, and now is the best time to update and document your photos. These photos will be priceless, you are continuing your legacy by capturing those beautiful smiles and spontaneous laughs that will be cherished for generations. Having your portraits taken in our studio is a great way to capture your family bonds. If you don't have time to send out holiday cards get your photos taken and make beautiful wall art for your home, this will be much more meaningful to your family when they look back on the 2016 season.

Have you ever found an old box in the garage or attic and opened it up just to find a treasure of old photos?

Taking the time to have your family documented professionally will allow future generations to have and enjoy the same discovery some day. Except we hope your pictures are hanging on the wall or in a custom album out for everyone to see.

Our 3 favorite styles of portrait photography

  1. LIFESTYLE PORTRAIT This style of photography will represent your family emphasizing on a day in the life of your interactions with your children and spouse. We combine environmental portrait with some candid photos. We want to show emotions, personalities, and relationships. An example of lifestyle photography would be a session taken in your home, kids playing with their favorite toy, candides of the family on the couch, baking with mom and dad in the kitchen. This style can be indoors or outdoors. We do less posing and go for natural and organic interactions between the family.
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAIT The term Environmental Portrait refers to an image where the subject is photographed in a natural environment. For example, children in the park playing, a family strolling down the beach. During this session we take naturally posed pictures and candid photos. Sometimes we set the kids up and let them be kids. The best pictures come from organic interactions between family members. Surroundings are used to compliment the subject and to emphasize character. In a Family Environmental Portrait session we combine traditional and lifestyle portraits in our images.
  3. TRADITIONAL PORTRAIT Traditional or Classical portraiture is achieved by focusing on three things. Background, lighting, and expression. Most of our traditional portraits have the subject being camera aware. Which means the children are looking directly at the camera. We use off camera flash or natural light from the environment to achieve the best professional look. It is important to keep the subject engaged so they look natural and comfortable in the portraits. We like to take these pictures in the studio where we have total control of the lighting and environment. However, we can accomplish classical portraits in an environmental setting as well. The purpose of the photograph is to depict visual representation of that person. Often times a a head shot, or two thirds or full body framing of the subject in the photo is considered a traditional portrait.

What should we wear to the photo session?

Choosing outfits for your portraits can be overwhelming. We are here to help you with this. We always suggest first and foremost that you wear what you are comfortable in. A style that reflects who you are so when you look back on the photos you won't say to yourself who is that person? Moms if getting your hair and makeup sounds like a good idea we suggest you go for it.

When selecting colors keep in mind the season that the photos are taken in. Fall colors work great during fall, winter, summer, spring all have a unique look and sometimes they can overlap depending on where you live.

You don't need to have exact matching outfits, in fact we recommend staying clear of this. We don't want you to look like one big blanket. Color coordinating is a good way to tie in everyones' outfits. Pick a theme and mix in different looks that compliment each other. And lastly we recommend looking at our pintrist board for inspiration in addition to the personal style guide that we send out to all our clients.

What is the process?

Clients love our process which includes three parts.
We begin by working backwards from your vision to make a custom plan just for you!

1. Planning Call

Here we go over what to expect from the photo shoot. This will be a a phone conversation where we get to know more about your family. We go over all the details to make your session special, planning location, color schemes, style and coordinating photos with your home decor. We also provide a style guide to help you with wardrobe decisions. We set up a time and location to photography you and your family.

2. Your Photo shoot

Custom designed to capture your families personality & close relationships. We make it happen for you. Can be on location or in our studio . We typically spend about one hour having a relaxed fun time taking photos. We promise to make you look great, just be yourself and have a good time with your kiddos. Whether you come to our studio or we go to your favorite beach we will capture all those smiles and laughs, sometimes a cry or a frown as well. After the shoot is over we set up a time for you to come into our studio.

3. Your Reveal

Be prepared to be blown away. Typically scheduled in our studio 1-2 weeks after your session. Guided help in creating art for your home. At this meeting you get to see all the magical photos we just took of your photo session. You might need a box of Kleenex. During the meeting we will go over your favorite photos and what products you wish to add to your collection.

What can we do with the photos?

Online galleries and sharing your photos on Facebook are great but we strive to put prints or albums in all our clients hands. It is so much more important to have that beautiful canvas hanging on the wall or the custom album on your coffee table to share. Why? For one technology is always changing and these family portraits are priceless heirlooms. You are capturing your legacy and your childrens' legacy. What will happen 10, 20, 30 years from now? Will all your important photos still be on your iPhone? Not if you print the photos. Your children and grandchildren will have these tangible treasures present in their lives. Not in a cloud or on a device.

Products that are available to purchase

How do we book you for our family portrait session?

It's really simple

Call 800-501-2063 to set up an appointment or

email contact us

We are here to help if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

Thank you

Christopher Todd

Christopher Todd Studios

This kid had so much personality, he would just break out in a dance. It was great photographing him.

So many great spots to photograph these two boys. The Lab is such a cool urban spot in the middle of Costa Mesa.

The three of them could be in a Gap ad. Love taking family mini sessions at the Lab in Costa Mesa.

No caption needed. Pure joy! Letting kids run freely and taking candid photos are some of the best portraits you can get of your children.

Another Gap ad? love the natural posing the two boys took on. The Lab in Costa Mesa is a great place for family photos.

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