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Orange County Event Photographer

We are a husband and wife team at Christopher Todd studios. My wife Ilana is the CEO of great ideas and master of the office, while I'm in charge of all things camera. We have been working together since she sold her pet grooming business about 5 years ago. I can't imagine not having her by my side.

Who is Christopher Todd Griffiths?


I grew up in Orange County spending much of my time at Huntington or Newport Beach. Beach recovery time was often spent laying on the couch watching comedies. My two older brothers Monte and Paul, whom I worshipped were older and married, but always around the house to give good brotherly advice.

My mother is a gifted artist that always made sure I had the opportunity to Paint, draw, and sculpt when I was young. When I look back, it is definitely a reason why I'm an artist now.

My father was responsible for giving me my first camera. I loved making photographs, but the moment I fell in love with photography was in the 9th grade dark room class, watching my photo appear on a sheet of paper as it sat in the developer bath. I'll never forget the excitement, which I still have every time I return home from a shoot to review my images.

I met my wife Ilana at a college party, We were both attending different California Universities. We instantly connected and have been together ever since.

My weakness
I am a sucker for the reality tv show Survivor.
I often crave a Tommy’s Burger after a wedding.
And my wife says I snore.

My superpower
I can fall asleep anywhere. Drives my wife crazy. I think she is secretly jealous of this.

Fun facts about me unrelated to photography
Born on Valentine's day
I live in the city I grew up in
I got married in Mexico
I still surf on a short board
My favorite concert was Pearl Jam and Neil Young in Golden Gate Park
I talk to my mom everyday
I have been to 41 Countries
I play the guitar
I summited Mt. Whitney but the highest peak I climbed was Thorong in Nepal at 17,599 feet
I take my family camping every summer

christopher todd on vacation in cambodia
Angkor Thom Temple in Cambodia


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Who is Ilana Griffiths?

ilana walking up sand dunes in wadi rum desert traveling on vacation in jordan
Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

I'm an Orange County native raised 2 blocks from Disneyland. My parents are both from Seattle and my family still has a strong connection to the Pacific Northwest. Being the youngest of three kids my brother Danny and sister Lisa always made sure I had to sit in the middle seat of my parents avocado green station wagon. The three of us could often be spotted sneaking into Disneyland hotel to use their swimming pool on hot days. I spent most of my time playing soccer and going to see Ska bands as a teenager. I have always been passionate about animals and spent 15 years operating a mobile pet grooming business. I sold the business in 2015, and now run all of our studio, while being a Mom to our two boys. 2018 is my first season coaching Soccer for my youngest son Graham. Can't wait to see what the future has in store.

My weakness
Any sour candy

My superpower
I can read Christopher's mind. He hates it.

Fun facts about me unrelated to photography
I love to travel but hate to fly
Born on Hanukkah
I got married in Mexico
My favorite concert was Oingo Boingo Dia De Las Muertas
I'm not a morning person
My favorite ice cream is Coffee
I coach soccer

Our Boys

These photographs of Gideon and Graham perfectly capture their different personalities. Although I took these images quite a few years ago, they are still accurately portray their individuality.

We are avid travelers

One of our long time passions in life has always been traveling. Seeing new places and cultures around the world. Meeting new people, experiencing local food, language, and culture. Embracing the experience and all it has to offer.

When we were juniors in college Ilana and I decided to travel around the world for 6 months. The plan was for both of us to finish school, and work two jobs and save enough money in one year. We met our goal and purchased around the world Airtreks tickets and began planning our biggest adventure. The first stop of our six-month journey would take us to China. From there we traveled to Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and all around Europe and back to California in that order. Our eyes had been opened to the world and forever changed.

We are continuously planning our next adventure. Be sure to ask us!

Present day

My wife Ilana and I have two spirited and adventurous boys Gideon and Graham. We took our first son to Mexico when he was six months old while we were photographing a wedding and we haven't stopped traveling as a family since. Exploring national parks in the United States, visiting the Capital, and trips abroad to Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Showing our children the world and different cultures through travel experiences is our way of raising tolerant well rounded little human beings. Our most recent family adventure took us to Thailand and Cambodia in July 2018. Update: We had the opportunity in the summer of 2022 to visit England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

Home Life

We live in Orange County where Ilana and I both grew up. Oh, and we can't forget about our fur babies, Lamb, Muñeca, and our most recent Grey baby Sir Galahad (75 lb Bouvier des Flandres). All were adopted from the local shelter or rehomed.

Did I mention Surfing? As a native-born Californian, I spent most of my youth in Huntington Beach catching waves. What was once a solo sport is now shared with my two boys who love to grab their boards and hop in our 1991 red VW Vanagon. Still trying to convince my wife that it was a good purchase.

Award Winning Orange County Photographer

I am known for my contemporary style, and calm demeanor, but brides just love me for making them look amazing! My approach to every photograph starts by connecting with the couples. When capturing major life events I believe it’s the little things that make a difference.

Experience Matters

Technique, craftsmanship, and finesse come after getting to know who I am working with. A beautiful wedding album begins long before a picture is taken. I strive to understand your story, and capture every detail. I have a vast portfolio with over 18 + years of experience photographing hundreds of weddings throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and destinations worldwide,

Telling Your Story

As a photographer, I approach my work as a storyteller with you as the main character. My Photos not only record life-affirming events, but also capture unrepeatable moments to reveal stories of love, commitment, fun and laughter. My contemporary style and creative knowledge elevates photography to Art.

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