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Palos Verdes Engagement Photographer Steve and Kathy

Engagement Photography Wayfarers Chapel

One thing I love about being an engagment photographer is all the beautiful couples I get to photograph.  They come from all walks of life.  This makes being an Orange County Photographer exciting.  Each couple getting married has a unique story and this is Steve and Kathy’s love story.

About to let her E-Harmony contract expire and be done with the online dating scene Kathy sent out one last smile to Scientist Steve.

They corresponded through the site and email for a few weeks, both really enjoying the exchange, then met for a drink at Checkers after work. Kathy was held up at work and kept Steve waiting 30 min, although in contact throughout, before arriving with apologies for both being late and needing to leave again almost immediately to return to work. Still, both were encouraged and excited by the immediate chemistry, confirming the online relationship that was forming. Our first real date was two days later, which began with Steve’s announcement that he was taking on an exciting new position and moving to La Jolla. Long story short, we chose to give the long distance relationship a try, and are so very thrilled that we did. Now we continue to build our life together here in L.A…

Most is hard to say. There is so much that I love! He is the one person I know whose wonder of the world and excitement for experiencing both simple joys and extraordinary things surpasses my own. He is infinitely kind and patient, generous with himself, and incredibly fun and interesting. I love his intelligence and infectious sense of humor. And his calm and noble strength is always quietly and consistently present without arrogance or dominance. He is ever supportive of me being true to my own self, and leading the life that makes me happy. He is a wonderful, loving partner and father, who has embraced my son, as one of his own. Also, I just love being with him. From our first date, when our hands touched for the first time, I felt an indescribable recognition, and am drawn to him as I have never been to anyone else.

Kathy has a fiery brightness that always finds the positive, as well as the humor, in whatever life brings her way. Her constant warmth and loving kindness are coupled with a depth of character that inspires me to raise my own game on a daily basis. Her sense of what is right and equitable in the world guides her actions towards all whom she meets, and most of them are left touched, often smiling and all the better for their encounter with her. As a supermom, she has shown the love, determination and stamina that it takes to be the kind of parent who engages, sets free and uplifts their child, all at the same time. And as a partner, lover and wife ? Well, as Neruda once said “I love you without knowing how, or when or from where”, such is the freshness and fire she has brought to my own heart. Of mystical proportions. She has often told me that if she was going to put the effort into entering a relationship again, it must be something extraordinary. And extraordinary is what I now encounter, every day. Her intelligence, her wit, her laughter; those eyes, her crazy creative problem solving skills (read: Macguyver), make me wonder aloud at how lucky I really am.

Our theme or inspiration is one of gratitude– for the exceptional love we have found, and a celebration of our courage to embrace it.

Our colors are still evolving. We began with a midnight, or navy blue and gold scheme, but then I found my dress… which is a berry red and silver. 🙂

How closely we have partnered on all of the details, whether it be audio technology or floral arrangements, we have thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated this occasion from the start. Not to mention my dress…

Such an inspirational story about true love. These two will be exchanging wedding vows this winter. Having planned a wedding in just a short few months we made time to get together and photograph their engagement session at the enchanting Wayfarers Chapel. Whether you are getting married in the glass chapel or just there for epic engagement photos this place wont disappoint.

Sitting atop the bluff of Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean Wayfarers is one of LA’s most romantic spots for taking pics. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kathy and Steve better and can’t wait for their winter wedding at USC Campus.

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This engaged couple met on eharmony. About to give up on finding love they met just before her subscription was about to end.
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Enjoying each other and the beautiful light as the sun sets in Palos Verdes.
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Palos Verdes is so gorgeous with its natural landscape and bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean.
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Can’t wait for this Los Angeles couple’s wedding this winter at USC Campus.
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