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Orange County headshot Photographer

As an Orange County headshot photographer, I work with many different types of people in small to medium-size businesses. These include executives, entrepreneurs, realtors, real estate brokers, developers, actors, and models. Your headshots can be photographed in an Orange County studio or on location for environmental portraits.

Hello, I'm Christopher Todd an Orange County headshot photographer.

I spend much of my time creating headshots that get people's attention. I'm often asked why my photographs show so much personality.

The best headshots are crafted with good photographic techniques including lighting composition, background choice, but most important of all is your personality.

As our society's attention span atrophies, it has never been more important to have a headshot that gets the viewer's attention. An average profile photo can easily get lost in the shuffle of life.

I will coach you into a fantastic headshot that gets you noticed in your marketplace.

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Real Reviews

woman wearing black and white sweater laughs at camera for business profile photo

Christine D. Gagnon | Global Banking & Capital Markets

"I can’t say enough about comfortable Chris made me feel throughout the shoot. Initially, I was nervous as I’m not used to being in front of the camera; however, it wasn’t long before I found myself relaxed, we were having fun.
Chris was open to my ideas and feedback and my headshot are absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend Chris!"

executive man with suit and red tie poses for a headshot in his office

Joe Markus | Stein & Markus Defense Attorneys

"We decided after much research to have Chris do marketing photos for our firm. The final product surpassed any of our wildest expectations....the response was wow...omg...that’s incredible. We look forward to using Chris's services again."

attorney matt easton looks at camera in blue suit outside courthouse for headshot

Matthew Easton | Easton & Easton Personal Injury Attorneys

"Chris and his team are amazing! Our images turned out better than we ever could have imagined, which is a testament to the professionalism, expertise, and vision. Chris is an expert in his craft and it definitely shows in the final product. We could not be happier!"

Types Of Headshots

business heashot of man sitting on hood of vintage red corvette

Business Headshots

Business headshots Orange County are your most valuable photos for your company.

executive portrait of young ceo in suit with pocket square

Executive Headshots

Orange County executive portraits help you stay noticeable and lets you stand out to future clients.

online dating photo for young mans match.com profile

Online Dating Profile

Christopher Todd Studios is the premier online dating photographer in Orange County.

real estate agent stands in front of house that is sold

Real Estate Headshots

Real Estate agents need headshots in the competitive Orange County marketplace to stand out.


headshot of executive at his desk

OFFICE Headshots 

We can come to your office to create your headshots for your convenience.

casual mann in white shirt and blue jeans leans on tree with arms crossed for outdoor headshot

OUTDOOR headshots

Just about any outdoor area can be utilized for headshots. Orange County has no shortage of great parks.

studio headshot of female attorney in orange county

Studio headshots

Studio headshots have a unique look.  Giving us the ability to control almost every detail of your session.


Our 3 Step Process Makes Planning Easy!

Begin with the end in mind. First, determine what you need your headshot for? This will help determine what you wear and the location choice. My job is not only to take your photos but to help you plan from start to finish. I want every person I photograph to have a headshot that gets them noticed.


  • We outline the goals of the session and images.
  • Planning location, color schemes, style, and coordinating photos with your brand.
  • We provide wardrobe consultation to help you select an outfit.
  • Hair & Makeup services are available by request.
  • We schedule your photo session and set the location.


  • Custom designed to create imagery unique to you or your brand.
  • Can be on location or in a studio.
  • Come ready and relaxed to create some photographs that will get you noticed for years to come.
  • Be ready for a creative & fun experience!


  • 1-2 days after your session we’ll present your photos via your private online gallery
  • Prepare to be blown away.
  • We can help you pick images if desired.
  • All ordered images will be retouched and delivered via FTP download.


I am a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience. I love photographing clients' headshots. To me, this is an opportunity to provide exceptional portraits that will help you become successful and continue to grow in your industry. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions I receive from my clients.

Anyone with a business or online presence will benefit from a professional headshot. This includes professionals, actors, realtors, doctors, and many other professions. Headshots are also oftentimes used for online dating and social media profiles.



As a business owner, I know that keeping your online and marketing strategies present and up to date is the best way to reflect your brand. Your profile photo on social media should always show the present you. LinkedIn profile photos should be professional headshots. Business headshots are important for your "about me" section on your website and marketing material. Maybe you have a new look or a new career path. These are all great opportunities to have your headshot portrait reflect this. Business cards are being replaced with all the online activity. Stay up to date.


AJ-OC_May20_v171_FINAL COVER 4-30-2020-1

Popular uses include:

  • Websites
  • Marketing materials
  • Author's book jacket
  • Actor's portfolio
  • Online dating profiles
  • LinkedIn profile photo
  • Facebook profile photo
  • Instagram profile
  • Twitter profile
  • Professional Associations
  • Media events
  • Magazine Covers
  • Email signature
online dating headshot of man in blue suit with yellow background


Business Headshots

Anyone involved in business would benefit from a great profile picture. Imagery can make or break your first impression on potential customers. A good profile shot will show off your unique personality, while the best portraits always have a bit of spontaneity.

Business portraits can be photographed in an Orange County studio or at your office. We often photograph employees in a conference room or outside their offices. Group or team photos are also popular when we photograph small, medium, or large-sized businesses.

corporate executive in gray suit and blue tie sittign on desk with corner office views out the window

Executive Headshots

Executive portraits are a little different than business portraits. Most executives want to communicate a feeling of leadership while appearing intelligent, wise, and friendly.

The best portraits will have three qualities. Intelligence, wisdom, and approachability. This triple punch is always a winning combo. Your executive headshot will set the tone for an entire company.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views.

Executives can be photographed in an Orange County studio, at your office, or any location that makes sense with the corporation's mission. We often photograph executives and employees together in a conference room or outside their offices. Group or team photos are popular additions to these sessions.

Attorney or Lawyer Headshot

Images can make or break your potential client's first impression of your law firm. Imagery that makes you look honest and approachable will attract future clients who are searching for an attorney.

The best attorney portraits should always make you seem approachable rather than angry or tough.

Attorney Portraits should portray an expert in your field of law. Expert status is traditionally done with a background of law books or the Orange County courthouse in the background. We recommend a modern approach to avoid being confused with all your competitors creating similar headshots.

Most attorney websites are visually crowded and aesthetically unappealing. Your headshot is your opportunity to stand out from the other law firms in Orange County.

Every legal dispute is a potential marketing story that will not be read unless you pair it with incredible photography.

realtor leaning on handrail wearing jacket and pearls

Realtor Headshots

Likability is everything for realtors, and there are ways to ensure you have a photo that reflects that.

Creating a memorable headshot can be done in many ways. My favorite is the use of bold colors. Many realtor's opt for headshots on location. Yes, a beautiful property will give context to your photo. Either strategy can yield a great picture that is memorable.

Your avatar is your flag in the sand people will see first. Make a better image and reap the business rewards.

Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content

Hire a professional photographer instead of a friend with a nice camera. Great Lighting, professional hair and makeup artist, and well-conceived photography will make the difference.

Actor & Model Headshots

An actor's headshot is the key that opens the door to work. Your first impression is everything. The best actors' portraits show off your personality.

Your eyes need to be alive and engaging, with an expression that almost speaks.

Most actors or actresses' headshots require a little more time to plan and photograph so we can get every detail just right.

Casting Directors look at hundreds of images every day. Avoid being lost in the shuffle by having a headshot with lookability!



Our pricing is subject to change without notice.


$399 | Extra person $75

Session fee includes:

  • One (1) retouched image delivered via download.
  • Professional cameras & lighting equipment.
  • Planning call with Christopher Todd.
  • Talent, skill & experience.
  • Studio Time if needed.
  • Master coaching for expression & posing.
  • Travel time in Orange County.
  • Image gallery hosted online.
  • Color correction & retouching work.



All branding collections include:

  • Six (6) retouched images delivered via download.
  • Professional cameras & lighting equipment.
  • Planning Call with Christopher Todd.
  • Exclusive clothing & prep-guide.
  • Master coaching for expression & posing.
  • Image gallery hosted online
  • Images delivered via fast download



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When planning your photoshoot you should consider these important factors

  • Studio photography gives us total control over lighting and background yielding striking images that make you stand out. We can make images that are glamorous, edgy, or simple and clean.
  • Location photography can have a natural feel and include the environment when appropriate to your business. Great for people in the service industries like attorneys.
  • Modern styles can break the rules a bit. We love modern headshots with bold and colorful backgrounds to make your images memorable.
  • Traditional headshots are popular with Attorneys and some executives in Orange County. They should always be flattering while portraying you as very accomplished in your field.


Lets the photographer control the lighting and environment. This allows for way more choices when considering what style of lighting you would prefer in your portraits.

Outdoor or Location
Headshots on location tend to have a more natural feel. One reason is natural light and the other is the cues in the environment surrounding the subject. The environment gives the viewer context. Location headshots are great for people in the service industry.


  • Modern headshots: Are bold and colorful but get attention.
  • Traditional headshots: Most popular in more conservative industries such as legal and medical.
  • Actors headshot: Dreams of stardom are made or broken with a headshot. Actors must have a Zed card that shows personality. Their headshot is the key that opens the door to acting work or waiting tables. I love photographing actors because of their high level of participation in creating their headshot.
  • Business headshot: Most businesses have a need for photography. Especially headshots for business websites and profiles.
  • Attorney headshots: I often find myself photographing attorneys or entire law firms in Orange County and Los Angeles. Attorneys usually try to look approachable nowadays in their photographs whereas past trends were to look intimidating. I usually find myself having great conversations with attorneys while we create photos, although they tend to be fast conversations as most attorneys don't have much time.


Hair and Makeup is an important part of creating a great headshot. Be sure to coordinate your session with a good hairstylist and makeup artist for the best results.

What Is Photo Retouching?

Retouching is the process by which we make you look amazing. We use computer software programs like Adobe Photoshop to smooth out your skin tone, remove blemishes, make your eyes pop, and even reshape you if necessary. Despite all the fancy computer software and digital techniques, great retouching is an art form.

Good retouchers know when to stop
Overly retouched photos look absolutely terrible. Even clown-like, you know what I'm talking about! Waxy skin and fake looking eyes. A perfectly retouched image should look natural. Great retouching should not be noticeable. It should lurk under the radar of the viewer.




  • Look best when you don't go overboard with the retouch.
  • Make your eyes slightly larger. Sounds weird, looks fantastic. Requires a light touch.
  • Lighten the whites of the eyes about 40% and remove any redness.
  • Darken the edge of the eyelid to make the iris pop. We call it digital eyeliner.
  • Brighten the iris about 15-20% will look amazing. More aggressive brightening will result in a "Children Of the Corn" look.
  • Eyelashes can be thickened or duplicated for special close-ups.


  • I like to soften skin just enough to have you not think about it. The key is to still see some texture or pores of the skin.
  • Erase bags or dark circles under your eyes.
  • smile lines.
  • Uneven, blotches, sun discolorations will be removed or evened out to match skin tone.
  • Tanning, whitening, or skin tone adjustment. Typically used for people with red or flushed skin.
  • Blemish removal and makeup blending.


  • Remove any fly-aways.
  • Fix any bare spots.
  • Highlight, darken, or add tint and shine.


  • Adjust body contours. We call it a digital diet.
  • Reduce neck, under the chin, or face width.
  • Slim arms, legs, or stomach.
  • Smooth out any lumpiness in the body or cloths.
  • Double chins removed.


  • De-wrinkle your blouse.
  • Remove lint.


Many headshot photographers in Orange County often forget they are working with a person. It's best to spend 90% of your energy connecting with your subject and 10% on the photography to create images that speak to people. Personality is the product of conversation. Just taking time to talk to the people I photograph yields better results.

A model's headshots need to make an impact. Posing lighting composition and most of all your personality are key ingredients of a headshot that gets attention.

The best model headshots always have a bit of spontaneity. Your headshot should look like you just glanced at the camera for a split second and the photography session was over. Cue mic drop.

Understanding that the best modeling agencies are super busy only raises your stakes and begs the question


Great photography is your answer.


Professional online dating headshots will attract more people. Dating site headshots are your online front door. If you want people to knock you will need a great photo.

The best dating profile photos have a feeling of youthful excitement and optimism despite your gender, age, or ethnicity.

Whether your goal is meeting people, playing the field, or getting hitched your online dating headshot should feel light and happy while showing your personality.

Get in touch today to schedule your session in our studio.

Images that swipe right

How else can I say it? When that date is all about one headshot, make it count! Time to say goodbye to driver seat selfies.

Your performance i.e. dating opportunities on Tinder eHarmony.com, Match.com or Bumble directly correlates to a fantastic profile photo.

We think excitement is best communicated with your eyes. We encourage a hair and makeup session before photography for the best results.

Most clients seeking headshots have been online dating for a few months with varying degrees of success. With a little thought and my experience, I can help you create a set of images that show you in your best light.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals in the workforce. Having a professional profile photo is one of the best ways to get noticed on LinkedIn. When your photo is recognizable and approachable future clients will be able to trust you. Using the same profile headshot across other social media platforms and websites helps with continuity.

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