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Professional headshots are very important to your brand. In this blog, we will answer the most common questions we get. What makes a good professional headshot? Should I smile for headshots. And more.

As an Orange County photographer, I know that keeping your online and marketing strategies present and up to date is the best way to reflect who you are. Your profile photo on social media should always show the present you. LinkedIn profile photos should be professional headshots. Business headshots are important for your “about me” section on your website and marketing material. Business cards are being replaced with all the online activity. Stay up to date.

What Makes A Good Professional Headshot?

  • Lighting A headshot photographer will know how to use lighting so you look your best. It can be natural light or off camera lighting. Be sure you choose a photography studio that are experts in both types of lighting.
  • Facial expressions Most people are not used to being in front of the camera. It can be stressful and uncomfotable. Hire a pro who can guide you and give you professional coaching for facial expressions. This will help you feel comfortable and eliminate the stress.
  • Background Discuss with your photographer what type of headshot background you would like. Ask to see examples of their work or check out their portfolio section on the website. A good headshot photographer will be able to show you the most recent work they have photographed.
  • Poses Unless you are a model you will most likely not know the best poses to use for your photos. Be sure to ask if the photographer will coach you and provide expert posing so you look your best.

Are Professional Headshots Worth it?

The cost of a professional headshot is worth every penny. Your online presence is more important today than it was in the past. With fewer in-person business meetings, your profile photo has to work twice as hard. It needs to show who you are, what you represent, and tell a story about your company or business.

Investing in your headshots is one of the best ways to ensure you attract the right clientele. See more articles on LinkedIn

Still have questions before you book your headshot session? Get in touch today, we are happy to answer all your questions. Be sure to visit our Headshot FAQ page for more information.

Should I Smile For Headshots?


Yes you should always have a few photos taken of you smiling. A genuine, authentic smile in a headshot can speak communicate you are friendly, approachable, and honest. But don’t force a smile.

A great photographer will be able to get you to smile with your eyes. It’s ok to show your teeth in a smile. Whatever feels natural to you will appear to look natural in your portrait.

Should I Wear Jewelry In A Headshot Photo?

As a professional photographer, I do not advise people to wear jewelry for their photos. Unless you are in the jewelry business and it is part of your brand. A necklace can be a big distraction. Keep in mind most professional headshots are used for online profiles for your website and LinkedIn.

These photos should be focused on your face and shiny objects will take away from that. Keep jewelry to a minimum if you feel you really need to wear it in the photos.

What Color Should I Wear For A Professional Headshot?


What should I wear for my headshot is the number one asked question I get. The best advice I can give is to wear what you are comfortable in. It should be approrpiate to your job type. Well fitted clothing is important. Not to loose or too tight.

Office attire is usually most common, a suit is a great choice for corporate jobs, including attornies, or doctors. However, depending on your field the oufits could vary. Medical field scrubs might be a good choice.

Keep colors in mind. Plain colors are the best choice. Patterns are too busy and distracting for a headshot photo. These photos are oftentimes only viewed for less than 3 seconds. You don’t want to distract the viewer with a loud pattern. Avoid flesh tones, beige, peach, brown,s or yellows. As these will blend your face and arms into the outfit. in to your Keep color choices in the mid-tone range. Purples, blues, greens, can be flattering. Black and grey are a safe bet.

Before you decide on the perfect outfit know the background that will be in the photo. For example, if you decide to wear green and your background is a parkway with greenery and shrubs you might blend in and not stand out enough. Studio portrait backgrounds also need to be taken into consideration. A black suit against a black backdrop won’t work. You will blend right in.

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