7 LinkedIn Headshot Examples That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out

7 LinkedIn headshot examples that will make your profile stand out

By: Christopher Todd

Award-winning Orange County photographer specializing in people with 20+ years of experience

By: Christopher Todd

How To Make a Great LinkedIn Headshot

A great LinkedIn profile picture can be the difference between getting hired or not. So we’re going to show you some examples of great LinkedIn profiles that work best. In addition to LinkedIn headshot examples, we will also talk about tips on what to wear for your headshots and more. These useful tips are based on my experience as a professional headshot photographer. Sharing what I have learned over the last 20 years with you so your headshot will stand out from the crowd. 

Your profile photo is more important now than it has been in the past. With platforms like LinkedIn, your perfect headshot will help your professional network recognize you and accept your invitation so you can connect. 

Benefits of a professional headshot session

  • Get more attention on LinkedIn
  • Make a great first impression
  • Showcase your skills
  • This service helps you get noticed
  • It makes you look more professional

When you get the best photos of yourself you attract the right clients or get the job interview you applied for. The best headshots are authentic and genuine. They show personality, approachability, and professionalism when done right.  

I know how important your photos are to your online presence. We want you to succeed,  get incredible headshots, and go after your dreams. Let’s get started. 

See headshot examples 

Professional linkedIn headshots for profile.

A LinkedIn Headshot is a photo of you in your LinkedIn profile. This photo should just be of you. Use a current and up-to-date photo. The purpose of a profile photo is so viewers can see what you look like when viewing your profile. 

LinkedIn headshots are different from the banner photos on your profile.  

LinkedIn Headshots are important to have on your profile. Studies show that profiles with a photo are 14 times more likely to get viewed than profiles without a photo. 

But LinkedIn Headshots are also important as this is your virtual introduction to meeting your next boss or getting the job interview you are seeking out. 

Platforms like LinkedIn are a popular way to get noticed by the right people in your industry. 

There are a few key factors that make a good headshot for LinkedIn. Below are some examples of what should be included in your headshot. 

  • Using a professional photo
  • Wearing an outfit that is industry standard 
  • Looking well groomed
  • Smiling
  • Looking at the camera
  • Using a proper background in your photo
  • Using a high-resolution photo
  • Your photo looks like you


LinkedIn Headshot Examples That Stand Out

Get more attention on LinkedIn. Make a great first impression. Showcase your skills

Male LinkedIn headshot examples.

1. Male LinkedIn Profile Example

It is very important to use a current photo of yourself. You might think the photo of you from five or ten years ago is more appealing and you like the way you look in it. However, it is more important to use a current photo. 

  1. Keep in mind you want to represent yourself with how you currently appear.
  2. When you meet someone in person you should look recognizable and look like your profile photo.
  3. It is a good idea to use the same professional headshot photo for all your professional and social networking profile pictures.
  4. Keep it consistent and current.
  5. Dress for the job you want not the one you currently have if you are looking for a new position.
  6. Choose a simple background.

When someone sees your profile photos or headshot on your website or online, it should reflect how you look in real life and in person. You want to look like your photo so there are no surprises when you meet someone for the first time in person. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to use a photo that looks like you. This means if they met you tomorrow would they recognize you right away? Hair, make-up, eyeglasses, etc. should all reflect how you look on a daily basis. 

Female LinkedIn headshot example.

2. What to wear for LinkedIn headshots Example

What should a woman wear for a professional headshot? 

Choosing the right outfit can be challenging. Follow these simple tips to get the best results. 

  • Wear well-fitted clothing., Not too tight but not too loose. 
  • Avoid low-cut tops. 
  • Long sleeves are better for headshots than short sleeves. The less skin that shows in the photo the better. 
  • Pastel colors and other neutral colors should be carefully chosen. You don't want the outfit to blend in with your skin tone. 
  • Blacks, greys, blues, and purples that are toned down are good colors to wear. 
  • Be sure undergarments are not seen through the top.
  • Straps and bras aren't hanging out.
  • Your wardrobe should reflect the type of job you are in or looking for. 
  • Wear appropriate attire that relates to the field you are in. 

Read more tips for professional headshots for women 


3. LinkedIn Headshot Tips

Should you wear jewelry in a headshot?

  • Keep jewelry at a minimum, if any at all. 
  • Necklaces can be too distracting in a headshot.
  • Big shiny earrings will take the focus off you.
  • It is not recommended to wear big clunky jewelry in a professional headshot.

Use a headshot with the right expression

  • Smiling
  • Looking at the camera
  • Slight tilt of the head
  • Squench your eyes

Best LinkedIn Headshot Photo Tips 

  1. You don’t want a photo with your dog or child in it.
  2. It’s best practice to crop a headshot so your head, neck, and top of shoulder appear in the profile.
  3. Your face should be 60% of the frame. 400W X 400H pixel. This allows viewers to easily recognize you.
  4. If you use a full body picture for your profile photo you will be too small and unrecognizable.
  5. When future contacts can easily see your face they are more likely to accept your invitation because they recognize you.
Professional LinkedIn pictures for profile.

4. Female LinkedIn Headshot Example

LinkedIn Headshots Near Me

Professional headshots are made easy. Whether you come into our centrally located Studio in Orange County, or we bring our mobile studio to your location.

Christopher Todd Studios will deliver natural and authentic headshot portraits.

We provide professional services to all cities in the OC and are happy to serve LA County.

Exclusive tips and advice for people looking to get professional headshots near me

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Business headshots are your first impression that will attract attention to your company. Help familiarize the public or your target audience with the service you are providing. A great headshot will convey the identities of corporate and individuals.

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Female black model headshot on orange backdrop.

5. Example of Actor Headshot For LinkedIn

How Much Do LinkedIn Headshots Cost?

Professional LinkedIn Headshots vary widely depending on who you hire. A reputable photography studio will charge more than someone just starting. Expect to pay anywhere from 99 dollars up to 1500 dollars. This all depends on how many photos you buy, outfit changes, and location choices. 

Actor headshots can be used for a LinkedIn profile but should still follow the same tips and best practices. 

Headshots Orange County photographer pricing info

Male headshot example of college graduate

6. Professional Outdoor LinkedIn Photo Example

Professional LinkedIn Photos Tips & Examples

Pro Tip: Preparing mentally for your session is a good idea. Feel confident on the day of the shoot. Know and trust the photographer you hire. Rest, relax, and enjoy your session. Have a plan, don’t rush. Organize your outfits the night before.

  • Relax
  • Avoid alcohol the night before your session
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Exercise
  • Stick to your plan

What is the best color to wear for a LinkedIn headshot?

  • Plain colors are the best choice. 
  • Patterns are too busy and distracting for a headshot photo. 
  • Avoid flesh tones, beige, peach, browns, or yellows. As these will blend your face and arms into the outfit.
  • Keep color choices in the mid-tone range. 
  • Purples, blues, and greens, can be flattering.
  • Black and grey are a safe bet. 
Female LinkedIn profile photo example with solid backdrop.

7. LinkedIn Profile Example

LinkedIn Photo Tips For Hair and Make-up 

If you decide to have makeup done professionally be sure to make it look natural. Don’t overdo it. The same goes for getting your hair done professionally. Make-up is meant to enhance your beauty and conceal minor blemishes. Keep in mind this is a headshot and you want it to reflect how you look if they met you in person. 

Should I wear makeup in my headshot?

  • Yes, wearing makeup will look good in photos.
  • If you do wear makeup be sure it is evenly applied.
  • Keep it to what you wear on a daily basis. So your photos reflect how you look. 
  • Avoid too much makeup. No one has perfect skin, we don’t expect you to conceal all blemishes. Learn more about professional retouching images here.
  • Think more natural than a glamour shot.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before.
  • Stay well hydrated. This does wonders for your skin. 
  • Avoid facial treatments, waxing, and masks the day before.
  • Moisturizing your skin leading up to your session is always a great idea. 
  • Keep with your daily routine, don’t try new products right before your photos.
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Call Me Chris

I won't bore you with too many details, but I will say that I consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to merge my passion and career.

A couple of quick things about me personally. I was born and raised in Orange County. I currently live with my family near Huntington Beach where I love to surf or be in the ocean with my boys.

My passions include art, traveling, and of course photography.

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