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Best Tips for the Modern Groom

Best tips for the modern groom

 We are talking about Modern Grooms and how to look dapper on their wedding day. Let’s face it, they aren’t really concerned about the details of the wedding day and most of them won’t be reading this blog post. So Brides, let’s get to the point.

The right look for your groom and grooming tips for the wedding day

The Tuxedo

  • Shop around together for the tux that your Groom will be most comfortable in. Hugo Boss tuxedos and Friar Tux have great options.

  • Go custom with B.Spoke “We want to partner with you to create a wardrobe that is reflective of who you are and how you live your life. We believe that fashion is not about what you wear, but how you wear it, and most importantly why you wear it.”

  • Know his style Avoid having him try on tuxedos that you love but know he will hate.

  • Encourage him to try on tuxedos that are in his comfort zone.

  • After all, you want your Groom to be comfortable on the wedding day.

The Ring

  • Again we are talking about comfort.

  • Your future Husband might not be used to wearing jewelry. To ease him into this let him pick out the ring he will be wearing.

  • He will be more likely to wear the wedding band every day.

  • The more grooms are involved in decision making the less they will protest or complain.

The Haircut

  • We know by now our significant other’s habits and one of them is most likely procrastination. Especially when it comes to haircuts.

  • So don’t I repeat don’t let your Groom get a haircut the day of the wedding.

  • It is best to get a haircut a few days before you walk down the aisle.

  • This will ensure that he looks great.


  • You are probably thinking how can I give advice to a man about shaving.

  • Keep in mind it is a stressful time planning a wedding. Even your Groom will be a little stressed.

  • When using shaving products or hygiene products don’t try out that new cologne or shaving cream the morning of your wedding. He may have a reaction to it being that he is under stress and his ph balance might be off.

  • New or used razor?

  • A new razor might nic that handsome face.

  • A used razor won’t get the closeness you desire.

  • A slightly used razor that has been used once or twice is best. Buy quality products.

The bow tie

  • We love a dapper groom and nothing says it better than a bow tie. Of course, it has to be tied properly.

  • Don’t start practicing your bow tying skills the morning of your wedding day.
  • Take a peek at this tutorial.

Groom’s gift to Bride day of the wedding

  • This is where you tell your fiance to come to check out this blog.

  • The day of Bridal gift. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t know what you are talking about just tell him to read this. Step away if necessary

For more advice or if you have any questions about where to rent or purchase a tuxedo contact us anytime

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