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Family Lifestyle Photo Session | Orange County

Why every  family should have a lifestyle photography session

As an Orange County photographer and a father, I know the importance of capturing your children and candids are one of the best ways to photograph a family in their true state.

  • Lifestyle photo sessions are a great way to capture those special everyday moments that you and your family share.
  • It is an artistic way to show what life is like, kids playing with their favorite toys, reading a book in their bed, eating breakfast, running around the house, etc.
  • There are so many scenarios that we can photograph. They don't all have to be taken in your home. Maybe it's as simple as dropping the kids off at school, or swim practice.
  • We just want to document what life is like now with your children in an organic environment doing regular everyday activities.
  • This is such a great way to have memories of what your children were doing and have those moments documented and printed.

According to Wikipedia lifestyle photography is "a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of every day."

How do you achieve the perfect day in the life session?

  1. Plan ahead. Choose things your family would typically do so the professional photographer can capture those activities. For example, does your family love to bake cookies, help cook dinner, play board games, arts, and crafts? Having a game plan will help the flow of this unscripted session unfold before the camera.
  2. Kids need to stay engaged. Let the kids pick some activities to do. This way they will be more excited and likely to participate. Know they will probably get bored or restless at some point. Be prepared to be goofy, make jokes, to set the right mood.
  3. Have fun, if you are relaxed and having fun the kids will pick up on your mood and follow in your path. The pictures will have a more natural look when everyone is having a good time.

Christopher Todd Studios is here if you have any questions or need help planning

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lifestyle photographer orange county
Our documentary lifestyle approach captures families at the moment, usually best when they are in their own environment like the living room.

family photography orange county
Love this black and white photo. A kid's life they can make toys out of anything.

lifestyle photo session orange county
Siblings in striped pajamas playing on the parents' bed lifestyle candid photo session. Better jump fast before mom comes in and sees what you two are up to.

orange county lifestyle photography
Lifestyle photos capture real moments and things kids typically do at home.

top orange county family photographer
Just photographing the kids eating breakfast might not seem so special but it portrays and captures a moment in time that will quickly change as they get older.

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