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Wedding day timeline with a first look


The first look between the bride and groom traditionally happens as the bride walks down the aisle with her father during the wedding ceremony. However, the modern first look or reveal tradition takes place before the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom alone. The modern first look is favored by many photographers and couples because it allows more time to create beautiful photography of the bride and groom, and many couples prefer to spend more of their wedding day with guests at the cocktail hour. This is an intimate way to see your bride-to-be before the wedding and just as emotional as seeing them walk down the aisle for the first time.

I am not sure if I want a first look before the ceremony.

A first look is simply where the bride sees the groom for the first time before the ceremony. Deciding whether it is right for you and your fiance is not so simple. It is a very personal decision that the two of you will have to make. For some couples a more traditional approach is taken and they do not want to see each other until the ceremony. This is fine and we will still capture this beautifully. If a first look before the ceremony is right for you we are here to help create an intimate unrepeatable moment. We love photographing a first look with the bride and groom. For more about a first look click here. We love this intimate, emotional candid moment that the two get to experience. You will love the photos and the way we set you up for the first look. If you like the more traditional first look during the ceremony we will have this captured as well.

What is a first look with the father of the bride?
A lovely newer trend is having a first look with your father. This is where we bring your father in to see you for the first time in your wedding gown shortly after you have finished getting ready. This is such a special moment and it really draws out true emotions even with the father who likes to keep cool. We highly recommend this to all our brides the images are simply moving.

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  1. Consider the Location. Since we have some planning control we should pick a beautiful spot with amazing light for a first look event to unfold.
  2. Intimate or with Family & Bridal Party. Some couples want to escape from wedding chaos, and have an intimate first look. That's always great to photograph. Other brides and grooms have had their bridal party or family off in the distance to watch, without distracting you from the moment.
  3. Cocktail Hour. Do you want to spend part of your cocktail hour sipping a craft cocktail and socializing with friends and family? If that's sounds nice you might consider a first look.
  4. Sunset Ceremony or Winter Wedding. If it's dark or getting dark after your wedding ceremony you SHOULD have a first look if you would like your wedding images to look like photos on my website. A first look before the wedding ensures you have photos of bride and groom alone before the sun sets.
  5. Photography Goals. What's the most important part of your wedding? (There is no wrong answer)Bride and groom photos, Family, Moments, Party shots, details. It's easy to make a photography plan when you know what you want to have when the wedding is over.

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