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Vow Renewal Terranea Resort Photographer

Terranea Resort Photographer

Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes is a great venue for weddings, vow renewals, and special occasions.

Vow Renewal Photographer

We love photographing vow renewals, they are just as sentimental and emotional as a young couples’ wedding day. To honor your wedding vows after five years, ten years or decades of marriage is a true testament to one’s love for their spouse. What better way to do this then in front of family, friends, but most importantly your children. They weren’t there when you two first said your I do’s and now you have the opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a festive atmosphere. Take your wedding anniversary to the next level with a vow renewal.

It was an honor to capture all the sweet moments at Gracie and Lee’s wedding vow renewal ceremony at at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. Celebrating eleven years of marriage they chose to have a sentimental ceremony followed by a celebratory reception in the Catalina Room.

The Bridal Party

The bridal party consisted of the couple’s’ adult children. They exchanged renewal vows officiated by the one and only Alan Katz of Great Officiants. A beautiful moment during the ceremony was when the officiant led the couple in a sand ceremony followed by the couple exchanging new rings. Gracie and Lee participated in the traditional cord ceremony (yugal) a silk cord placed over the couples’ shoulders in the sign of infinity symbolizing their mutual everlasting fidelity and that they walk the world as equals. Lee gave his wife 13 wedding coins (arras) symbolizing mutual prosperity.

The Reception

The reception party was beautifully done. Full of speeches and champagne toasts. Vibrant floral centerpieces decorated each table arranged by Flowers by Cina. A four course sit down dinner was served to guests. A lovely tiered cake and a bouquet toss added a nice touch to the party. Lots of festive dancing and laughter made this a wonderful evening.

Vow Renewal Etiquette

Tips for those looking to renew wedding vows or hold a vow renewal ceremony.

1. This is not a wedding ceremony so no need for a license or marriage certificate

  • The officiant also does not have to be licensed making the option easy to use a close family member or friend

2. You have reached a marriage milestone.

  • Five, ten, twenty five or fifty year anniversary. These big anniversaries are a perfect time to celebrate your love.
  • Treat your family and friends to a beautiful ceremony and reception.

3. You got married in a courthouse or eloped for various reasons.

  • Now you want a more traditional wedding experience.
  • Vow renewal Ceremony and reception is a perfect way for couples to have a more formal celebratory affair.

4. Have that tiered cake and eat it too.

  • If you missed out on a tiered cake or just want one then do it. Go crazy, guests will love it.

5. Exchange new rings at renewal ceremony

  • This is a great opportunity to give and receive a new ring. Keep in mind you are not replacing the original wedding band just adding to it.
  • You can choose your original wedding rings as well to exchange.

6. Speeches and toasts are always a great way to celebrate the couple in this new phase of their life.

  • It is a perfect opportunity for the married couples’ children to say a few words.

Vow Renewal Do’s

  • Wear a vow renewal dress, any color is acceptable, its your day including a white dress if you desire
  • Involve your children and other family and friends during the ceremony
  • Write each other a love letter or custom vows
  • exchange new rings
  • Include a special bouquet
  • Create new elements that suit a married couple.
  • Have a wedding reception-like party including toasts, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss etc.
This couple was such an inspiration they had a lovely vow renewal at Terranea Resort with family and friends.
At the end of the vow renewal ceremony they went off for a photoshoot.
The couple had very sweet words to say about each other during the champagne toast.
This intimate ballroom at Terranea Resort was perfect for all their family and friends to celebrate their marriage with.

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