Professional Headshots Orange County

Professional headshots are more important today than ever before. You will need a headshot for your LinkedIn profile, business profiles, website, employee directory, social media marketing, and marketing material. If you want to make sure you look your best hire a pro photographer for your headshot.

5 tips for a successful headshot

  1. Hire a professional photographer
  2. Have a pre-session consultation with your photographer
  3. Know what the photos will be used for in advance
  4. Try to relax during the session
  5. Choose the right outfit or color palette

Choosing a location for professional headshots Orange County

  • Orange County Place of business, courtyard, office, conference room, park, or house.
  • Los Angeles County We also travel to LA. Be it your place of work, or on location such as a park, beach, or other destination.
  • Christopher Todd’s Studio Another great option is coming into our photography studio. Some of the benefits of having your headshots taken in our studio include our warm and welcoming environment.

Hiring the right photographer

What to expect when you choose Christopher Todd Studios for your professional portraits:

  • You can count on having a great experience. During your pre-session consultation, we discuss in detail what you can expect from your session.
  • We answer all your questions and concerns you might have.
  • We offer advice on what to wear and not to wear for your photos.
  • During the headshot session, we will guide you throughout the process. Posing doesn’t typically come naturally to most people that’s where our expertise comes into play.
  • As a professional, we provide guidance and direction so you can relax and look your best.
Professional corporate photos in your office.
This professional headshot was taken in the courtyard just outside her office.
Photographing executives in their office is great for headshots and fresh portraits for your website.
We have a professional photography studio in the heart of the OC.
We want your headshot to look friendly and approachable.
We can help you rebrand your images for your company website.
Attorney headshots are great for your Linkedin profile or your website.
This headshot is professional and friendly.
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