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7 tips for brides to practice mindfulness on the wedding day

 7 Tips for Brides to practice mindfulness on the Wedding Day  

As a wedding photographer, we know how fast the wedding day goes.  We want to help brides stay in the moment and enjoy their big day.

“Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with experience” Jon Kabat-Zinn

With these 7 useful tips, you can enjoy your wedding day and stay in the moment.

1. Practice Mindfulness

  • Pay attention on purpose

  • Stop and look around

2. Relax, laugh, enjoy your big day

  • Have a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids while getting ready

  • Listen to your favorite music

3. Drama free zone

  • Post a sign in your room where you are getting ready “leave the drama outside”

  • Designate a person you hired to deal with any problems that might occur in the day. Bride’s mom has a run in her nylons, or the flower girl can’t find one of her shoes. These issues aren’t for you to worry about.

  • It’s your wedding day have fun with it

4. Leave your micromanagement skills at the office

  • Let the people you hired on your wedding day do their job. Don’t worry about if they are on task. You hired them knowing they are professionals and will get the job done on time.

  • Let the florist arrange the flowers, the photographer find the beautiful light, and the coordinator orchestrates the day.

5. Have a plan and stick to it

  • A great source for creating a plan and a timeline is your wedding photographer. Having been to 100’s of weddings we know how to put together a realistic timeline that will work. We can help you decide on a start time for the hair and makeup artist. Knowing what time they should be in your room working their magic so you are not running behind.

  • How much time should be set aside for bride with her bridal party for photos?

6. Don’t watch the clock

  • Take in each moment as it comes.

  • You can’t look your best when you’re stressing out. If you are a clock watcher, leave your watch at home.

7. How to keep your guests in the moment

  • Have an unplugged wedding. The wedding invitations request guests to leave their phones, and cameras at home, so they can be in the moment. This is a popular trend for a few reason.

  • You have hired a professional photographer to tell your story on your wedding day. We strive to create beautiful images throughout the day. When family and friends want to take pictures it’s important for them not to swarm around us while we are taking group shots. It distracts the people in the group, which leads to people looking in different directions for the final image. We also request that friends and family don’t accompany us on our bride and groom session, to maintain the intimacy, and prevent distraction during the session.

  • Posting a sign at the ceremony will help get your message across. unplugged wedding sign for inspiration. This allows the professional photographer to snap a shot without Uncle Bob in the background with a camera in his face or Aunt Jeannette with her cell phone taking pictures. Just look at these images if you don’t think it is important.

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Bride overlooking the ocean at Terranea Resort Palos Verdes in wedding gown with full cathedral train. Taking a moment to yourself on the day of your wedding is a great way to reflect on the upcoming events. Fresh air always helps clear the mind and stay in the moment.
Groom and Chinese bride holding an umbrella during portrait in Orange County wedding venue. This dapper groom and his beautiful bride embraced their love together and were true to staying in the moment. Forget about everything else that is going on around you and just focus on each other.
Groom sees bride for the first time as he waits under the chuppah at Island Hotel Orange County wedding photography. This groom couldn’t wait for his bride to walk down the aisle. Have an unplugged wedding so everyone can be mindful during your ceremony.
Laguna beach bride escorted down the aisle by her teenage children. We feel strongly about guests not using their phones during the ceremony. An unplugged wedding will be more enjoyable for all wedding guests. Imagine your wedding photos without having to see guests staring at their phones trying to take a photo while getting in the way of your professional photos.
South Asian bride walking down the aisle on a bed of flowers with mother. Here is another example of too many guests taking pictures with their phones. One guest almost covers the grooms face in my professional photo. UNPLUG!
Groom waiting to see his bride during the first look before the ceremony. First looks are such an intimate moment, we don’t like competing with family members or other guests also trying to capture the moment on their phone. It can ruin a very important photo.

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