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Indian Wedding Orange County

Indian Wedding Orange County

Orange County is home to a large South East Asian population where Indian weddings are very popular.  Here you will find many venues that can host a traditional wedding complete with a Mandap and a Baarat. These types of ceremonies are full of religious and cultural experiences. You will witness bold and rich colors everywhere. From the wedding canopy to the bridal party outfits. Expect a loud, vibrant, and emotional day during the ceremony and into the reception.

Types of  Indian weddings

  • Hindu 
  • Sikh 
  • Fusion
  • East meets West 

 Important Hindu Wedding Traditions

A traditional Hindu ceremony can last up to an hour. There are many religious and cultural ceremonies that take place.

  • Mendi A henna party takes place a few days before the wedding. This is for the bride and her female family and friends.
  • Haldi A yellow turmeric paste applied to the bride and groom for good luck.  
  • Baarat The groom’s arrival processional to the wedding. Here guests dance and follow the groom to the ceremony site. There is usually a DJ leading wheeling a sound system with him. In addition to the DJ it is typical to see a drummer playing the dhol drum.
  • Kanya Aagaman  The Arrival of the bride to the Mandap the wedding canopy.
  • Mandaphe or mandap is a sacred structure under which Hindu ceremonies are held. The bride and groom sit under this canopy together.
  • Agni An Indian couple pledges their vows around the Agni. During this ceremony, they walk around seven times. The fire acts as a witness to their vows as they repeat mantras. 
  • Vidaai The bride throws rice over her shoulder paying homage to her parents. Symbolic of her leaving their home starting a new life with her husband.

indian wedding photography

  • Bridal party getting ready Photographing an Indian wedding begins with the bride getting ready. This usually takes place in a bridal suite. Here we photograph the bridal sari, jewelry, the bride getting makeup and hair done. These photos all help to tell the story. The groom is also photographed at this time in his room.
  • First Look It is very common for the bride and groom to have a first look before the Baarat.
  • The Baarat Many photos are taken during this lively and energetic tradition. After the groom gets blessed by the bride’s parents they walk to the ceremony site.
  • Ceremony Here we continue to take photos of each of the different ceremonies that take place under the Mandap. This usually lasts about an hour.
  • Formal Portraits After the wedding is over formal portraits of the families with the bride and groom begin.
  • Reception Grand entrance, first dance, speeches, and cake cutting. More photography coverage continues throughout the reception where there is usually a choreographed dance performance.

indian wedding venues

There are many great venues that can accommodate a traditional Indian wedding. Here are just a few.

  • The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Beach front property. Your dream Mandap will look stunning on the Lighthouse Courtyard. The grand ballroom here is large enough to host all your extended family and friends.
  • Laguna Cliffs Marriott A great choice. Oceanviews for miles can be seen from atop the bluff where ceremonies are held. Both properties allow the customary Baarat where the groom can ride in on a horse.
  • Hyatt Regency Long Beach Accommodates large Indian weddings.
  • Pasea Spa and Resort Beautiful ceremonies overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
I love this photo.
During the first look, the bride and groom met under these trees at Laguna Cliffs Marriott.
There is so much energy during the processional of a Baarat when the groom arrives at the ceremony site on a horse.


The bride and groom during the ceremony under the mandap
For romantic sunset, portraits step outside for a quick moment during the reception.
The bride and her bridesmaids put on an entertaining Bollywood style dance.
These groomsmen put on a whole choreographed dance based on a fictional love story.
When everyone is so colorful a group shot is a must.

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