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Beverly Whilshire Wedding Photos 186

5 different inspirational looks for the Los Angeles Bride to swoon over

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

Behind the scenes footage below from our two day photo shoot. We love wedding inspiration and one way is to get models and find beautiful locations and a team who can make amazing photos. We hope you enjoy scrolling through the images and don’t forget to check out the short behind the scenes video of Chris in action.

1. Elegant bride

This bride is pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Chic, smart, and fashionable.

Has vintage Hollywood glamor look. Always glamorous and classic.

2. Sexy Beach Bride

Beautiful, radiant, She is shining and bright. Dazzling to be around.

3. Alternative Bride

Skater hipster Bride, Urban meets beauty.

Blue hair. No high heals for the aisle. A bride who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

4. Bohemian Bride

Whimsical, nonconformist, free spirit, usually artist or a

writer, Always playfully quaint, especially in an appealing and amusing way

5.Sophisticated Bride

Sexy, upscale, timeless look yet advanced and modern with a high degree of complexity.

Behind the scenes of the LA Bride styled wedding shoot

he approached Natalie Sofer of Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events who then approached Orange County Photographer Christopher Todd and things quickly fell into place. Mon Amie Bridal Salon signed on to provide all the gorgeous dresses and The Regent Beverly Wilshire provided the first venue of the 2 day bridal fashion shoot and it was perfect for the ultra chic, sophisticated brides. The hotel is stunning and set the stage well for the sexy and stylish brides that were dressed in the best of Mon Amie. Danny Le Clair and the fantastic staff of Studio DNA spent the day making sure each girls look perfectly fit the look of the gown. Butterfly Florals provided each of the 6 bouquets we used for the 2 day shoot and the perfectly reflected the style of each bride. Having done events at the Beverly Wilshire, Natalie Sofer knew the hotel and was committed to styling the look of each shoot using the beautiful back drop of the sophisticated hotel to match each bride. The team wanted this day to feel timeless, elegant and sophisticated and it was. Each location of the hotel provided the perfect scenery to each of the beautiful brides. On day 2 of the shoot the team highlighted not only the beach brides but ended with the highly sophisticated Downtown LA bride on top of the Watermark. The day began with the beautiful Malibu beach bride and the Malibu Beach Inn. She was beautiful and sexy and perfect to show off the look. The team then headed into Venice where we saw the skater hipster bride along with the traditional beach bride. Again the hair and makeup team created a look for each girl that was perfect for the style of the dress. The team was creative and played with fun looks such as braids to highlight the style. We went into downtown LA to capture the last of the brides, the sexy, upscale, sophisticated city bride. The cityscape of downtown LA lent itself perfectly to the style. This was a bridal shoot that the entire team had fun creating to show off the many styles of brides and brides to be.

Christopher Todd Studios Brides of LA. Los Angeles wedding photographer from chris griffiths on Vimeo.

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