5 Reasons You Are More Photogenic Than You Think

Many people I photograph tell me "I look terrible in photos, or I'm not photogenic". At least half of the families I photograph say this. They are always surprised by how great they look. Why is this? In this blog, we will go over 5 reasons why you are more photogenic than you think. Learn more about Christopher Todd Studios' family photography today.

5 Reasons You Are More Photogenic Than You Think


5 reasons you are more photogenic than you think

1. You Are Too Stressed Out About Your Photos

  • When you relax and have fun your photos reflect this. This helps you look more photogenic.
  • Everyone looks their best when they are having a good time. I always have fun during your session and make sure you are also having a good time.
  • My job as your photographer is to get the best out of you. I always have a trick up my sleeve if something isn't working.
  • When I work with a family, I take every opportunity to make connections with you so you're relaxed and comfortable.
  • When you’re having a great time, you’ll look more beautiful than you thought was possible.

2. You Have The Wrong Mindset

lifestyle photography session of kids jumping on parents bed
  • Come to your portrait session with the right mindset.
  • Know you will look great in your photos.
  • Don't worry about the few extra pounds you couldn't shed or you didn't have time to get your hair done.
  • Keep in mind the purpose of this family session is to capture memories of this time in your life.
  • The lens through which you see yourself is oftentimes different than what other people see.

3. You Didn't Have Good Coaching & Guidance

parents with baby during portrait session
  • During a professional portrait session, you should be coached and guided the whole time.
  • Posing tricks can make anyone look great, and that does not involve photoshop.
  • We are experts in facial expressions and posing. This means we get you to look natural and authentic.
  • Posing doesn't come naturally to most people. That is why we guide you through the photoshoot. Specifically, we tell you where to place your feet, hands, head, etc.
  • Don't be surprised when you hear me say "puppet and chicken". You will laugh but the results are stunning.

4. Selfies Never Do You Justice

portrait of small boy with milk mustache
  • Don't judge yourself with a selfie. They are the worst. Portrait photographers would never photograph you from an arm's length. That would be weird.
  • Do compare your selfie photos to a professional portrait. Do you notice the differences?
  • Smartphone lenses are wide-angle. They make your nose look big, your eyes bulge, and forehead look miles long. This is the exact opposite type of lens I would use for a professional portrait.
  • During a professional portrait session, the camera used will produce greater results than a selfie portrait. The lighting, posing, and equipment we use will make all the difference in the world.

5. You Didn't Have A Plan

  • Plan and prepare for your session. Get more planning tips here
  • The old saying "you get out what you put into it" also applies to your portrait session.
  • Together we will plan your session. Important details like location, the best time of day, and planning your outfits.
  • Refer to our style guide for inspiration on what to wear.
  • Decide the style and look that fits your family's personality.
  • Begin planning with the desired results. Will you print the photos to hang on your wall? Capture your memories with a custom photo album? Or let them sit on your computer for years?

The Bottom Line

  • We hope these 5 reasons you are more photogenic than you think will help you feel more confident in your photos.
  • Our goal is to create beautiful portraits of you and your family that reflect your personalities and will be loved and cherished forever.
  • The best family portraits come from sessions where everyone was involved in the planning and had a great time.
  • We promise to make your family portrait session a fun and relaxing experience.
  • See more of our favorite family photos on our Pinterest page.

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