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Online dating apps and websites are common ways to meet someone. But the competition can be steep. To stand out and find your match follow these 5 ways to optimize your online dating profile. Get noticed and start dating the right match today.

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1. Use a great photo that will hook people

What are the best photos to use for online dating apps like Hinge or Tinder?

Most people have not had a professional photoshoot. Hiring a professional photographer will help you attract more matches. 

  • Your first photo is the most important one. Make it a good hook photo
  • Bright vibrant photos of just you
  • Photos where you are doing an activity you love
  • Wearing well-fitted nice outfits
  • Using interesting backgrounds that will stand out
  • No group shots
  • No selfie photos
  • Full-length body shots 
  • Smiling in your photo is very important
  • Don't wear sunglasses or hats
  • Natural authentic photos 
  • Recent photos that represent the current you took within 6 months to a year
  • Props are good just be sure they are relevant to your interests or hobbies
  • Be sure to use 5-7 photos in your profile
  • Professional photos will boost your matches and attract more the right prospects

2. Write about yourself in your profile

What should I say in my dating profile?

Spend at least 80% of your profile talking about yourself. This is the best way to let people get to know you. Like you, your future match is looking for similar interests and personality traits that are compatible. 

  • Keep it positive. Don't focus on what you don't want in a person. This can imply you have dated too many people with bad habits or traits. 
  • Use proper grammar and simple language. When you keep the writing simple it is easier for viewers to read and understand. They are more likely to remember your profile.
  • Be specific. Be sure to list specific interests and hobbies. Don't just say you like sports or music. List the ones you are interested in or participate in. 
  • Spend the time to fill out all the prompts and questions. Avoid one-word answers. Short simple sentences are best. 
  • Always specify your job/career. This doesn't mean you have to disclose your exact job title. Just don't leave this blank. 
  • Avoid clichés or witty comments. Let your answers be natural in tone and the true you will be represented better.  

3. Be truthful with the way you look

What should I wear for my dating profile photos?

Like other aspects of your dating profile, it is best to put effort into the way you look. This shows the viewer you are not lazy and at the same time lets them see your style. 

  • You don't need to dress to impress. However, it is recommended to wear casual nice outfits in at least one photo.
  • Choose an outfit that you would wear out on a Saturday night. 
  • Avoid a suit or formal attire. People want to see the fun casual side of you.
  • Bathing suits are not recommended. 
  • Solid colors that stand out in your profile will get noticed. 
  •  Be sure your clothes fit. Not too tight or too baggy. 
  • Logos and large writing on your shirts can be distracting
  • Most importantly, choose an outfit that fits your personality, not one that you want people to think you are. Be genuine. 

4. Smile in your photos

  • Be sure to smile in your photo
  • Use bright colors or backgrounds that stand out
  • Show yourself doing something you love
  • No group photos
  • No selfies
  • Use a professional bio picture. This is your hook photo. 
  • Don't use bad photos. Including blurry, low resolution, and bad lighting. 
  • Be genuine with answers 
  • Use current and up-to-date photos and information

Remember, be truthful with the way you look, and the interests you talk about. This will ensure you get better matches. 

Pro tip: Data shows you should not mention god. This can immediately deter a match. 

5. Have a friend review your profile

Only 16% of guys will actually have someone review or critique their dating profile. A second set of eyes never hurts. 

The benefits:

  • Your friends know you best, they will be able to point out positive attributes you might not think of. 
  • They can offer advice on which photo looks best
  • Offer outfit advice 
  • You will have a leg up on competition since most people don't ask for profile reviews

Online dating statistics you should know

Thinking about giving online dating a try? Want to improve your online dating success? Understanding online dating and becoming comfortable using dating sites, will quite possibly help you find your match. 

40% of Americans use online dating

Dating apps and websites are convenient and easy to use

This means that 40 million Americans actively use online dating sites. Ages range from young to old. With more and more dating apps available it has become normal to use online dating as a way to meet someone. 

Common interest and looks are the most important factors

Similarities attract viewers to your profile

64% of online dating users are looking for similarities and someone they have things in common with. While 49% of users say they are looking for someone with physical characteristics they are attracted to. 

More men use online dating than women

52.4% men vs 47.6% women 

Keep in mind these numbers can change based on the dating site you look at. Where you live also changes the stats above. This means women have more guys reaching out to them than guys have women reaching out to them. 

Location matters

Where you live can affect the outcome of online dating

This is because certain regions have more online dating users than others. Another factor is some areas have a higher percentage of single adults compared to the percentage who are married. 

53% of people lie on their dating profile

What they lie about

Age, height, and job/income are the top 3 areas people lie about in their profiles. 20% of women admitted to using an older photo of when they were younger and or thinner. While 40% of men have said they have lied about their jobs in an effort to sound more successful.

20% of current committed relationships began online

63% say they met their match through a friend

This means people have a good chance of meeting the right match online. People who meet online are more likely to break up through email than in person. The increase in marriages has risen from people meeting online. 



Why Hire A Photographer For Dating Profiles

Top 3 reasons to hire a professional photographer for your internet dating profile photos.

Stop wasting time trying to find the perfect match with the selfie photo you took with your iPhone. 

#1 Get better results

Well crafted photos attract the right match

We promise you will have a great time and love your images. Expect better results.  Connect with the right people and get better matches. 

#2 Look authentic

Your photos should look authentic

A pro will help you get authentic photos that will attract people to your profile.

#3 Use on multiple platforms

Your photos can be used across the board

When you hire a photographer for dating profile photos they can be used on all other social media profiles. 

Meet Your Online Dating Photographer

Call Me Chris

I won't bore you with too many details, but I will say that I consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to merge my passion and career.

A couple of quick things about me personally. I was born and raised in Orange County. I currently live with my family near Huntington Beach where I love to surf or be in the ocean with my boys.

My passions include art, traveling, and of course photography.

Male photographer holding camera.

Meet Your Online Dating Photographer

Male photographer holding camera.

Call Me Chris

I won't bore you with too many details, but I will say that I consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to merge my passion and career.

A couple of quick things about me personally. I was born and raised in Orange County. I currently live with my family near Huntington Beach where I love to surf or be in the ocean with my boys.

My passions include art, traveling, and of course photography.

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