Wedding Album Design by Christopher Todd Studios

Wedding Album Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles

Imagine young children exploring a dusty attic. Under a stack of old boxes they discover a book, wrapped in fabric with an image of a vibrant couple on the cover. They bring the book to their parents to find out more. They learn the book is the love story of their great grandparents who they never knew. Wedding albums are part of your family legacy. They not only tell your love story on your wedding day, but they also tell smaller stories about relationships, family, and your closest friends. The heirlooms we create for our clients are priceless artifacts, that not only reflect the past, but bring it back to life.

Premium Albums

Our premium albums are handmade locally in Los Angeles. They are built like a brick, & made to last long past us. At Christopher Todd studios we approach our weddings like storytellers. When we are commissioned to photograph a wedding we’re already thinking how your story will appear in your wedding album. The scene, setting, characters, challenges, triumphs, resolutions, are all parts of a finished heirloom album.

The images in this gallery show a wedding album broken down in individual 2 page spreads.

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