Satan possesed my foot

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So this whole thing started about a year ago.  I was training in Long Beach with a crazy trainer that used to kick my butt 2-3 times a week.  We were regularly running barefoot on the beach and bluffs.  One day I started getting this crazy pain outta nowhere in my foot.  It felt like some sadist had my arch hard wired to a car battery with a control knob. I only noticed the feeling when I stepped on stairs, or walking over an uneven surface like the lava rocks in Laguna Beach when shooting portrait sessions.  Other than that my foot felt fine.  Having the propensity to self diagnose my own ailments.  I got online to some running forums, and quickly surmised a complex hypothesis.  The one thing I noticed was it only hurt when I wore flip flops.  Kinda lame, as that is my foots best friends for 10 months out of the year. I decided the best course of action would be to take a break from running, to let my complex injury heal

So fast forward about 6 months.  No running.  Pants definitely getting tighter, feet paler,  mood lower.  Not really any pain in the old foot.  So it’s time to grab my sandals and head out to Laguna Beach for a portrait session.  I mean it’s been 6 months…no pain……I’m good yes…  Walking on the uneven lava seriously felt like “SATAN POSSESSED MY FOOT”.  I kid you not.  I was ready to have the thing dismembered, and take my chances with a stump.  So I did what anyone would do…..I banished the sandals to the back of my closet, and started wearing my running shoes most of the time.

Fast forward to yesterday.  It’s been about 5 months since, I’ve had anything to do with the sandals.  Life is good.  I end up running late to get my son off to school, and grab those sandals thinking “no way are those thing gonna bring back the pain…I’m Healed”

The first step blasts my poor foot with 10,000 volts.  Bye now, I’m kinda going bananas.  I mean,  seriously what the heck is going on…right?  Look below to find answer to my year long bout with satanic foot possession.  Next time I’ll check my footwear for hidden micro daggers.

This story made 3 of my friends almost pee their pants when I told them, so I figured I should share.

Happy Feet

Chris Griffiths

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