Run Forest Run!!!!

Don’t call it a comeback! Well if you didn’t know, I have been trying to become an avid jogger…. It can be tough sometimes! The latest goal was the Huntington Beach 1/2 marathon on Sunday Feb 1, 2009. Last years race in 2008 was held in 50 degree horizontal rain. Needless to say the conditions were less than optimal. I also must add that my training was a bit lacking. So long story short, I was defeated, half frozen, and completely thrashed at the finish.
But I am happy to announce that the tide has changed. This year I was determined to pass the finish line with a skip and not a crawl. After much more planning and proper training, I was able to not only run the race I wanted, but to also achieve a personal best time for the half marathon (13.1 Miles). The weather even cooperated! The Marathon was held under beautiful blue skies with a slightly cool breeze.


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