Print Photography Agreement

Please confirm that you’ve read, understand and agree to our model release and portrait agreement.*

Print Photography Agreement

By purchasing photographic art made by Christopher Todd Studios Inc. we will waive your session fees. Included with your purchase is complimentary planning, a fun, and Unposed session, and an online presentation of ready-to order-album and wall art designs.

Please be sure you read and understand this agreement before signing it so that we can avoid any misunderstandings later. Not all photographers do things the same way so don’t assume. If something is important to you please discuss it with us upfront.

Chat Bots

We use Messenger chatbots to help you plan and manage your photography experience. Clients are required to complete each chat sent to them and watch for alerts.


A full set of social media resolution files from your session are included with album or wall art purchases. Single gallery wall prints come with matching files only. After your balance is paid in full we will send a download link. You have 3 days to retrieve your files before that link expires. We are not responsible for storing digitals longer than 30 days.

Copyright Ownership

Christopher Todd Studios Inc. retains copyright ownership of all work created. The client agrees to identify Christopher Todd Studios Inc. by name and tag with @christophertoddstudios when posting our photos to social media.

Model Release

The client grants Christopher Todd Studios Inc. irrevocable and unlimited consent to use all the photographs, video, and audio if recorded from their photo session for social media, editorial, competition, and advertising.

Safe Distance

The client will provide the photographer with a 6′ distance at all times. Photographer has the right to refuse any shoot at any location that they feel is unsafe for all parties involved.

Substitute Photographer

This Studio reserves the right to assign another photographer at our discretion based on who we feel is the best match for a client. Introductions will be made in advance whenever possible. All photographers who work for us are professional, friendly, and have a photo journalistic style.

Creative Authority

You are hiring an experienced print-focused photographer. Christopher Todd Studios Inc. does all the curating and art design work for our clients. In order to provide this full-service experience and create work we are proud of, we need to have the final say over which photos are released to our clients and what album and artwork designs look like.

Ordering Sessions

After your photo session, we will curate your photos and design an album and wall art for you. We will then schedule an ordering session via Zoom screen share. One hour is included. Additional time is $150 per hour.

Proofing Gallery Option

Most couples love that we do all the curating and design work for you, but if you prefer to examine your photos first before finalizing your order we can build you a proofing gallery. This option is $150. You may favorite up to 12 photos that will be used in your designs.


There are no verbal agreements. The Client and Christopher Todd Studios Inc. must agree to any changes to this contract in writing.

Non Disparagement

Both parties agree to use reasonable and good faith efforts to communicate and resolve any problems. Neither party will engage in any vilification of the other and shall refrain from making any false, negative, critical, or disparaging statements concerning the other online on all social media and review websites.

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