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Choosing your dream wedding venue is easy when you are getting married in Orange County. You have so many great options to choose from. This will be your first big decision as a couple to make when planning your wedding. Take a look here to see OC Venues.


Why is choosing the right venue so important?

Not only is deciding on a venue the biggest decision when planning your wedding it influences every aspect of the rest of the wedding planning process. Which vendors you will choose. What your budget will be. The decor you choose. The attire your bridal party and guests will wear. These are all factors that will have to be taken into consideration when booking the perfect venue. You are probably so overwhelmed with all the choices out there. We are here to help you please don't hesitate to contact us. We have put together a list of wedding venues in Orange County and Los Angeles that we love to photograph events at. Here we will share with you real wedding photos and info that we have gathered about each location. If you have any questions about a particular location we can help.


16 Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

  1. The Guest List: Estimate how many people you will be inviting. Do you plan on having an intimate wedding between ten to eighty guests? Or do you plan on having a traditional grand wedding where you will be inviting one hundred fifty to three hundred guests.
  2. The Budge: What is your budget going to allow you to spend? This is a good time to ask both sides how much they will be contributing to the wedding. Traditionally the bride's parents pay for the wedding and the groom's parents pay for the rehearsal dinner. Many couples contribute or pay for their wedding.
  3. Before you do a site check: Check out real photos from weddings at the venues you are interested in. You can find pictures from weddings on our site or your wedding planners site.
  4. The Season: What season do you wish to have your wedding during? If you are looking for a toes in the sand type of ceremony consider the time of year. Typically off season is January to February. A wedding in the desert is better in the later fall, winter, or early spring months. Summer time is slower due to the hight temperatures
  5. Date flexibility: If your wedding date is not flexible call before you go to a venue to check if your date is available. This might save you a lot of time and avoid disappointment.
  6. What is your style like? How do you and your fiance envision your big day to look and feel like? Talk to each other and discuss what your expectations are. Are you looking for a rustic feel, indoors, outdoors, grand sweeping views of the ocean, do you want to be in the elements, urban, nature, downtown city vibe, metropolitan, rural, scenic, natural, eclectic, or classy. This will help narrow down the specific venue to what fits your vision.
  7. Pick 3: We always recommend that you don't book the first venue you see. Visiting at least three venues will allow you to compare and create a pros and cons list of the things you love about each site.
  8. Contracts: Don't get pressured into signing when you are checking out a wedding venue. Take your time and ask questions.
  9. Referrals & Reviews: Don't be shy when asking for referrals. This is a great way to make sure you are choosing the right place to have your wedding. Yelp, WeddingWire, and Google Reviews are all great resources to see what past couples have to say.
  10. Day of Exclusive: Is having exclusive use of the venue important to you? There are many venues that are exclusive to one event per day, and some venues have two or three going on at the same time at different locations on the same property.
  11. Ceremony & Reception at one location: If the ceremony is at a different site than the reception how will guests get from point A to point B?
  12. Rain or shine: Does the venue you are looking at have a back up weather plan? Your dream wedding is on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, rain is not forecasted but just incase do they have an indoor ceremony site that you can use?
  13. Ceremony: Is it important to you and your family to have a traditional religious ceremony that takes place in a Church, Synagogue, or Temple?
  14. Getting ready: Can you get ready on location in a private suite or room? Is there a separate room for the bride and groom?
  15. On/off site parking: Is there plenty of parking or do you need to hire a valet service?
  16. Space: Does the site have all the spaces you need for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing?

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