Five ways to spice up your engagement photo session

Five Ways to Spice up Your Engagement Session

We have been photographing engaged couples for over 15 years.  As an experienced photographer I like to offer my brides and grooms advice on how to get the best engagement photos.

5 Tips for Engagement Photos

1. Hair and Makeup

Get your hair and makeup done by the MUA you are using for your wedding. This is a simple tip for any bride-to-be. You probably want to do a trial of the hair and makeup artist before your wedding day so why not do this for the engagement session. This allows you to see how the bridal style you chose will look in professional pictures.

You also get to experience the way they work. You will feel confident with your vendor choice when it comes time for saying your “I do’s”

When you look your best you feel your best. Getting hair and makeup done professionally will give your photos a finished and polished look.

2. Use a style guide for both you and your Fiance

Unless you are a fashionista I recommend using one of our complimentary style guides. When choosing your outfits consider what season and location you will be taking these photos in. You don’t want to wear neutral colors if it is fall and you are taking pics in the park. It is also very important that the Groom-to-be follows a similar guide so you compliment each other. You will probably have to help him or her pick out their outfits. Better yet go shopping together for something new. Don’t let him thumb through the closet and grab that old button down shirt he wore in college.

We also do not recommend matching outfits. Although popular in some cultures matching outfits don’t make for good pictures. These make couples look like they are wearing one huge blanket or they simply blend into each other.

Be colorful and bold. You will be amazed how stunning your engagement images will look.

We prefer two outfit changes during an e-session but three is not uncommon. Having two separate looks adds variety to your photos.

3. Choose a location that is dramatic

The beach can be dramatic but it is so overdone. We know just the right locations for you to get that sexy ocean look. Try one of California’s amazing coastal bluffs instead of being right on the sand. From Malibu to San Diego there are so many dazzling sites to choose from. Palos Verdes Abalone Cove is a favorite of ours.

An Urban look is real dramatic. Taking the street art and putting a beautiful couple in front is stunning.

An amazing staircase is a perfect spot to pose the couple. These can be found in a downtown area or a parking garage. You will be surprised how dramatic the photos turn out. Drop dead gorgeous.

City hall is a good location to photograph engaged couples. Some City Hall’s have beautiful old buildings with architecture that is unique to the era it was built in.

4. Use props

Bring a bottle of Champagne and two flute glasses. We can do some romantic photos with the two of you toasting.

Many couples have access to one or more of the following; sports car, vintage car, boat, or motorcycle. If you don’t and you have the budget for a rental this is a great options. Some of our sexiest photos were taken on a boat and motorcycle.

Umbrellas are a great prop rain or shine. Scarves or blankets can add flare and intimacy when wrapped around the couple. Blanket or picnic basket can work beautifully in the right setting. One of our favorite props to use is a vintage tandem bicycle. Although, it doesn’t have to be vintage to be amazing.

5. Have a Cocktail (my favorite tip)

Relax, have fun and enjoy the moment. Sometimes couples are not used to being in front of the camera and one way to take the edge off is to simply have a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail. Trust me it really works. Don’t worry I won’t drink on the job.

Using a background like these downtown Los Angeles Skyscrapers makes for a great sophisticated vibe.
Choosing the right location is important for great engagement photos.
This couple also incorporated an outfit change for their engagement session.
Yes it was raining. Yes we all got soaked. But it was so worth it. What a romantic shot.
Using the umbrella was a great prop for this session.
Styled shoot of engaged couple with red vintage Mercedes and beautiful sunset in Newport Back Bay photo. Can’t beat a beautiful couple paired with a beautiful California sunset.
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