Orange County Headshots Photographer

Orange County Headshots Photography

It’s common knowledge that wedding photography is my passion. The joy of documenting a bride and groom as they share their love and begin a new journey, electrifies me. But from time to time, my artistic yearnings call upon me to do something different. I love being able to show my range, try new processes and experiment with my equipment. My new studio has become my muse. Creating there allows me to try new styles of lighting and effects. It’s like being a kid again, and it nourishes my soul.

I wanted to do an editorial style shoot focusing on faces. My friend Carina Lindgren of Flawless Faces collaborated with me on this project and what emerged is stunning. I loved shooting in tight frame with small touches such as jewelry and lace to bring depth and interest to my beautiful subjects. I can’t wait to hear what you think of my artistic playful side. If you have an idea for an interesting shoot, come to my studio and let’s play!

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