christopher TODD studios, & as you wish events Launch party

christopher TODD studios

What a night!   I’m still recovering;-)  The new photography studio opening was a smashing success. Giant thanks to all that came out to support Victor and I.

ALso extra special Thanks to all the vendors that helped Vic and I get this party off the ground

Adrienne from  Il Fornaio…..EVERYONE that I mentioned Il Fornaio to:   the reaction was the same.  It started with mmmmmmm, and ended with “can I come”.  So i really had high expectations, and I have to say your food was fantastic, and your staffs service was impeccable.  Thank you for feeding us great food.

Kellie, from Form Decor….holly cow you blew my mind girl.  You converted my blank space into a club….a club that was much cooler than me…lol   Thank you!

Mike from Viral booth…amazing photo booth, especially considering we gave you 3 square feet of space to work with.

As you wish DJ events     Victor Thanks for making this happen while I’ve been too busy to be involved  Love the new Daft Punk you were playing!

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