BRIDES BEWARE- a public service announcement

Kinda crazy morning today,


Just got this email from Bella Photography. Just in-case you didn’t know. They are the Wallmart of wedding photography. A giant company that hires photographers for next to nothing to shoot weddings for their clients. My main reason for posting this is not to rant, or slam my competition, but just to make the point that you get what you pay for. I’ve had quite a few couples tell me horror stories about Bella. But the straw that broke the camels back was a coordinator that called me about 6 months ago to see if I could come shoot her clients wedding, because the Bella photographer wasn’t there. That’s right (NO SHOW at your wedding). Unfortunately I was booked that day. I felt terrible for the couple.  SO I did a little research…

There tag line on their website is: Revolutionizing wedding photography. Amazing is now affordable!

But when they need photographers to shoot wedding their “SALES STAFF” have booked

this is what they email photographers:

You’ll practice your craft without creative limitations.
You’ll build your portfolio quickly.
Our creative feedback will enable you to improve your skills.

I totally understand that every photographer has to start somewhere, but the bold words in their solicitation to photographers really troubles me.

You can’t tell brides your pictures will be amazing, then go shop for photographers that need to PRACTICE, OR IMPROVE SKILLS. It’s just plain unethical.

This is just my meager attempt at a public service announcement for couples planning a wedding out there.  I just believe every couple deserves amazing wedding pictures. 
Chris Griffiths

Orange county wedidng photographer

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