5 Tips for a beautiful “save the date”

Engagement Photographer and Save the Date Cards

Take a few snapshots, put it on a card, slap a stamp on it & you’re done! Right? Not so fast. Below are five tips that fit any style of wedding, that will have you sending the out a beautiful piece of art to all your friends and family.

1. Go big or go home: Since your engagement image will not be printed on a 3×5 foot card, avoid picking an environmental photo that features an ant sized couple in a giant environment. You know what mean! Instead select more of a close-up. Remember it’s all about the couple.

2. Less is more: Be decisive! Pick the perfect shot, not 3 mediocre ones. Keep the design clean, and uncluttered. The images below are great, just not great together. Scroll down for the money shot. It will have much more impact $-) A good resource for clean designs is Paperless Post

3. Be risky: Let’s change the tradition. Remember you don’t hire a great photographer to shoot you two, cheek to cheek looking directly into the camera.

4. Make it a moment: Moments just speak more to us than portraits. There is something about a spicy look a couple shares that just says it all. Which leads me to my last tip.

5. Chemistry 101: Level 10, habanero, steam room. Gotta show your connection. Catch my drift? Body Language says it all.

Hope you love these tips from an opinionated photographer 😉

Christopher TODD

Christopher TODD is a lifelong photographer, and observer of people, that focuses on the art of life. His clients seek him out for his polished style, and his ability to turn it up to 11.  Call us at 800-501-2063, or Email: [email protected]

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