Just Got Engaged? Now What?

We are an Orange County photography studio and can help you plan your engagement session.  We have been photographing couples for over 15 years in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

First, Congratulations!! This is such an exciting time in your life. We hope you find this to be helpful in making your engagement as stress free as possible. Now that it’s official where do you begin the planning process.

Best Tips for the newly engaged couples

  • Don’t be pressured to start choosing vendors. Enjoy the moment. Take it all in. Getting engaged is a time to celebrate your love.
  • Choose wedding venues that are meaningful to the two of you. Are you a beach gal, or do you prefer a country club to exchange vows at.
  • Which season fits you best to get married in? Spring to fall is peak wedding season. But here in Southern California Winter weddings are just as lovely.
  • Set a budget, based on this you will be able to decide what size wedding you can afford or want and what venue best suits the two of you.
  • Keep in mind this is your wedding, it can get stressful and probably will at some point. Hiring the right wedding coordinator will guide you in the right direction.

Christopher Todd Studios can answer your wedding questions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s time to capture exactly how you felt at this moment in your life when you’re got engaged. Wedding planning will definitely be stressful which is all the more reason to go create a photographic document of your engagement. Doing this while you were still in the moment and not bogged down by work, stress, and wedding planning will result in legacy photos that will be stunning.

3 steps to get amazing engagement photographs

  1. Hire a great photographer with experience
  2. Don’t wait to have your professional engagement photos taken. Life will take over and you will get busy. If you could ask yourself 15 years in the future about documenting this your advice to yourself would be DON’T wait.
  3. Purchase prints, or custom albums. Digital is great but…..your kids will flip when they see actual beautiful prints of how you both looked when you were younger.

Make them great prints! When deciding on a photographer make sure to know the quality of prints and photo labs that they use. This can ruin a great photo. Go high end on photographic prints, they will look better today and in 20 years.

Destination engagement sessions are so special and make for beautiful prints and custom albums.

Being flexible during an egagement session is a must, here we were rerouted to this spot because the original plan was closed off due to construction. But we got this stunning photo.

During your engagement session we really focus on your relationship and this exciting time before you get married.

A destination engagement session is a great way to tell your story. For these two they met in Chicago, so what better place to take their photos.

Still able to take a romantic shot with Disney Concert Hall in the background.

Just hold each other’s hands and take a stroll, we will capture the moment.

This couple chose a multiple location engagement session. As well as a couple outfit changes. This is another great way to capture different looks in one session. We can help you plan this for a successful fun shoot.

A little action shot, we will take so many pics you won’t be able to decide which one is your favorite.

This couple chose South Coast Botanic Gardens in Palos Verdes for their engagement session. So many great spots to photograph the couple.